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If you need help with a heat pump, give us a call. Our NATE-certified technicians can come over and diagnose your problem precisely and quickly to tell you exactly what’s wrong. With your approval, we can repair any type of heat pump problem right away, usually that same day. To help with weekend, holiday and evening emergencies, we have HVAC technicians on call around the clock to handle heating and air conditioning problems that can’t wait till business hours. Bridgetown Heating & Cooling is a proud part of the Five Star Heating & Cooling Group. When it comes to heat pumps, the most common issues we come across include heat pump refrigerant leaks, electrical problems, icing, fan motor problems and defective reversing valves. To prevent these issues, there’s no substitute for preventative maintenance. To fix them, there’s no one like Bridgetown Heating & Cooling. Customer satisfaction is always 100 percent guaranteed.
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Heat Pump Repairs in Bridgetown

Because heat pumps have fewer moving components than air conditioners and furnaces, they are less prone to breaking down. Nevertheless, eventually, heat pump owners experience some type of issue that requires heat pump repair services from an expert technician. If your heat pump is failing to turn on, refusing to switch between heating and cooling modes, or failing to perform to your standards, Bridgetown Heating & Cooling is the company to call. We repair all types of heat pumps, all makes, models and brands.


4 Signs That You Need Heat Pump Repairs Services


If a heat pump is running the way it needs to run, it should be running defrost cycles that keep ice from forming during the winter. If this cycle isn’t running properly or you begin to notice ice or frost building up on the outdoor unit, it’s a problem that might require repair work from an expert like Bridgetown Heating & Cooling.


Heat pumps have a reversing valve that’s used to alternate between heating and cooling modes. If this valve becomes defective or gets stuck and it prevents you from alternating modes, you will need to call a repair service like Bridgetown Heating & Cooling to change from heating to air conditioning or vice versa.


Inadequate airflow can cause damage to a heat pump. Sooner or later, airflow issues cause the heat pump to overheat or break down. If you look at the price of a new heat pump with installation, you’ll understand why we stress the importance of airflow and keeping an eye on it. You should be frequently checking your air filters. If you’re having air flow problems with your heat pump, you should call Bridgetown Heating & Cooling right away before the problem gets worse.


Unusual sounds or noises are a common sign there’s a problem with an HVAC system. Metal scratching, squealing, clanging, banging or anything else that’s loud, new or out of place is a warning sign that should never go on and be ignored. In the best scenario, it might be a warning sign of wear or damage. If it gets addressed right away you can avoid major damage that’s far more serious.

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Schedule Heat Pump Diagnostic Services

If you’re having issues with a heat pump and need help figuring out the cause of the problem, you need a licensed HVAC technician that’s able to perform heat pump diagnostics at a low cost to identify the problem precisely without any guesswork or doubt.  We at Bridgetown Heating & Cooling offer low-cost heat pump diagnostics in Bridgetown and throughout the Greater Cincinnati and Greater Dayton areas. We use the latest tools and technology the comfort industry has to offer. 

Bridgetown Heating & Cooling offers all types of diagnostics at the lowest price rates in Southwest Ohio. We can usually repair almost any heat pump problem that same day. To set up a service call and get your HVAC system unit properly again without it costing you an arm and a leg, call Bridgetown Heating & Cooling today.

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Expert Emergency Heat Pump Repairs in Bridgetown, Ohio

Is your heat pump experiencing problems when you need it most? Bridgetown Heating & Cooling is the company to call if you need emergency heat pump repair services. We offer same-day scheduling on emergency heat pump repairs throughout the Greater Cincinnati and Greater Dayton areas. Bridgetown Heating & Cooling is a proud member of the Five Star Heating & Cooling Group Family of top-rated HVAC companies in Ohio. 

We at Bridgetown Heating & Cooling have a team of heat pump repair specialists who are licensed, fully insured and trained above and beyond the HVAC industry’s typical standards. We offer 24-hour Emergency Heat Pump Repair Services every day of the year. This includes all holidays.

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Heat Pump Repair FAQ

What are the different styles of heat pumps?

There are three types of heat pumps. They include variable-stage, single-stage and two-stage units. Single-stage heat pumps are usually entry-level air heat pumps. These units run either at 100 percent capacity or they’re off. While single-stage systems can reliably cool your home, they may struggle with multi-story or large homes. Two-stage heat pumps can operate at 100%, or at their second stage, which is around 70%. This enables you to use it at lower than full blast, saving wear and tear, and energy. With a variable stage heat pump, instead of frequently cycling on and off to heat or cool your home, it adjusts its output capacity to meet your comfort needs. Although a traditional A/C unit operates at one speed, whether it’s a hot or a mild summer day, a variable-speed heat pump will adjust the speed at which it operates.

What are the usual types of problems with heat pumps?

The most prevalent types of problems we encounter with heat pumps include blowing cool air in heating mode and units that run non-stop. Other heat pump problems can be caused by the unit becoming obstructed because of airflow problems outside, which causes the unit to freeze up. This is often related to low levels of refrigerant. 

How do you find out if you need to replace your heat pump?

With them being used for heating and cooling over the years, heat pumps become susceptible to wear and tear like any other mechanical equipment. If your HVAC unit makes any sort of grinding, squealing or loud banging noises while you’re using it, it’s a sign the system needs expert care. If you notice any of these noises or other strange sounds, it might be time to replace your unit (especially if it’s more than 10 or 15 years old) with a new energy-efficient Amana heat pump installed by Bridgetown Heating & Cooling. It’s best to do this sooner rather than later. With Amana’s quality and warranty coverage, as long as you maintain your new heat pump, you won’t ever have to worry about replacing it again or installing a new heat pump in your southwestern Ohio area home.

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