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Winters here in Southwestern Ohio are cold. Because of the cold weather we face every year, having a reliable home heating system is essential. Heaters and wood stoves might help keep you and your loved ones warm on milder winter days, and they might work for smaller spaces. However, if you have a house or building you need to heat, you need a furnace system (whether an oil furnace, electric furnace or gas furnace) that keeps the entire place safe and warm all winter long.

At Bridgetown Heating & Cooling, we know how crucial it is to have a reliable heating system for the whole family, and one that does not cost a fortune in home heating bills. Our home heating system experts can help with all types of home heating systems. We offer furnace repairs, furnace replacement, furnace installation, furnace tune-ups, furnace safety checks and all types of home heating system services. We offer a full line of HVAC products and services at prices that are competitive and fair. We work on all types of furnaces and all types of heating equipment and heat pumps. We are Southwest Ohio’s top choice as an Authorized Amana Dealer.


Bridgetown Heating & Furnace Services

Furnace Repair in Bridgetown, Ohio

Furnace Repair in Bridgetown, Ohio

Don’t let your home heating system leave you in the bone-chilling cold this winter. Your local furnace repair experts at Bridgetown Heating & Cooling can help when you need furnace repair in the Greater Cincinnati or Dayton, OH, areas. If your furnace won’t turn on, we’ve learned you can sometimes take care of this trouble on your own by troubleshooting the heating system. You can also call us at (513) 273-1335. Bridgetown Heating & Cooling offers residents throughout Southwest Ohio HVAC repair services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (including weekends and all holidays).

Furnace Maintenance in Bridgetown, Ohio

Furnace Maintenance in Bridgetown, Ohio

Our residential furnace maintenance service at Bridgetown Heating & Cooling includes a Furnace Tune-Up and a Furnace Safety Check. Our furnace maintenance services are performed by NATE-certified furnace technicians near you. To keep your heating system firing on all cylinders all winter long, schedule your regular furnace tune-up and furnace safety check today with Bridgetown Heating & Cooling. Our furnaces services are part of a routine seasonal maintenance visit with one of our friendly furnace experts who would be happy to come to your home when it’s convenient for you!

Furnace installation in Bridgetown, Ohio

Furnace Installation in Bridgetown, Ohio

At Bridgetown Heating & Cooling, we know how crucial it is to have a reliable heating system for the whole family, and one that does not cost a fortune in home heating bills. Our home heating system experts can help with all types of home heating systems. We offer repairs, furnace replacementfurnace installation, furnace tune-ups, furnace safety checks and all types of home heating system services. Residential furnace services you can afford are always a phone call away when you select Bridgetown Heating & Cooling — a local heating specialist that handles all your home comfort!


4 Furnace Safety Tips

Because home heating appliances account for the second leading cause of residential fires, and injuries from home fires in addition to being the third leading cause of deaths from fires and direct property damage in the U.S., your home heating safety specialists here at Bridgetown Heating & Cooling are always putting safety first with our customers. Anytime our experts work with a customer on a furnace or any other piece of HVAC equipment, safety comes first no matter what.  Now keep in mind that fireplaces, stoves, space heaters, and water heaters are the most common cause of residential fires. Nevertheless, all types of heat-generating equipment should be taken very seriously and always used as recommended by manufacturers and experts. 


This is one of the most obvious and important home heating safety tips and we put it at the top of our list for a legitimate reason. Homeowners and property managers should always have reliable smoke detectors on every floor of the home or business building, including the hallways, basements, bathrooms and especially kitchens because of cooking. Additionally, there should be a smoke detector inside every bedroom and outside every bedroom and sleeping area. Smoke detectors should be tested every month to ensure these devices are in good working order and located on the ceiling.


If you want to keep your home safer heading into winter and catch potential furnace problems before they become worse, it’s essential to have a heating expert come out to perform a safety check. This furnace safety inspection is part of routine maintenance. Our experts can troubleshoot your furnace from top to bottom and run furnace diagnostics to locate concerns before they evolve into major problems and safety issues. 


All types of home comfort and air care equipment require proper airflow. Without adequate airflow, a heating unit can become a safety hazard. To ensure it has the airflow it needs, remember to check the air filter once a month at least throughout the winter. When it needs to be replaced, which is often the case during home heating season, make sure to do so without delay. Regularly checking and replacing air filters is essential for all HVAC equipment. Air flow is essential for anything that treats, heats, filters or cools air.


Because home heating equipment generates heat and uses fuel, they should be respected and given plenty of room. If you have to keep anything stored in the area that your furnace is located, be careful not to set anything too close to it, especially anything that might be flammable. This includes papers, boxes, carpets, chemicals, cleaning supplies and especially any sort of fuel. Three feet of space is what safety experts suggest surrounding heating systems in homes and businesses. Additionally, if you have young children living or visiting your home, make sure they know as a rule not to play around the furnace and to stay away from it.

Heat Pumps

What is a Heat Pump?

Heat pumps are heating and air conditioning units that get installed outside the residence. Although they look a lot like a central air conditioning unit, heat pumps offer heating in addition to air conditioning. During the winter, a heat pump will usually work with an air handler. Bridgetown Heating & Cooling welcomes homeowners as well as area business owners to improve their indoor comfort levels while lowering their heating and air conditioning costs by installing a heat pump. This single, year-round HVAC system is better for the environment. They require little maintenance. They are quieter and lighter on energy consumption.

  • Efficient & Minimal Maintennace
  • Provides Warm and Cold Air
  • Reduces Harmful Emissions
Bridgetown, Ohio Heat Pumps


Expert Emergency Furnace Repairs in Bridgetown, Ohio

Because Ohio winters bring freezing weather, having a working furnace becomes more and more important. Don’t let your family or office workers suffer through a single night of cold discomfort because of a problem with a heating system. Furnace problems can pose threats to everyone’s health and safety! If your furnace isn’t working properly, you need emergency furnace repair services from a furnace expert near you that is affordable, highly-trained and one who is honest and cares. If you need a heating system expert that’s local and can come over right away, you need to call the experts at Bridgetown Heating & Cooling. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect your furnace so we can pinpoint any necessary furnace repairs it might need on the spot and offer you the most affordable long-term solution at the lowest cost.

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General Heating FAQ

How much does a furnace repair usually cost?

The average furnace repair costs in Ohio are between $131 and $484, depending upon several factors. Electric furnace repairs often run $300 or less. Gas furnace repairs usually range from around $375 to $1,200 because of their complexity. Gas furnaces are generally more expensive than electric ones. Most companies charge around $75 an hour for their technicians, with rates ranging from $50 to $150 per hour.

What are the most common types of furnace repairs?

The most common types of problems with home heating systems that we repair include problems with the thermostat, dirty or clogged air filters, pilot light problems, faulty flame sensors, faulty ignitors, blower belt malfunctions, short cycling, limit switch malfunctions and blower motor problems. Of the common problems we fix with furnaces a crack in the heat exchanger is one of the more serious problems. Air filters are something that can be done by the homeowner.

What is considered emergency furnace repairs?

When a heat pump or air conditioner, gas or oil furnace needs service, homeowners want it fixed as soon as possible. Bridgetown Heating & Cooling fixes furnaces and other types of heating units 24 hours each day and seven days each week. No matter what type of HVAC system you have or what problems you encounter at the best or worst time, depend on our technicians to get your system up and running again quickly. Our HVAC technicians are available through any kind of weather, including snow storms in the middle of December, rain storms in January and August heat waves. We’re serious about heating services because too many homeowners lose valuable heat during dangerous winter weather.

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