How Can Homeowners Prepare Their AC System For A Summer Vacation?

Jun 7, 2022 | Vacation, AC, Air Conditioner, Blog, Bridgetown, Maintenance, Ohio, Summer

Summer is the perfect time to reset and plan to get away and relax for a bit. You may already have a fun trip or vacation planned for this season! If so, you are likely formulating a plan for everything to be taken care of in your absence. House sitting, pet sitting, plant sitting – numerous things need to be taken care of and prepared before you set off for your sunny getaway. However, don’t get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the chaos and forget about your AC system in the process! Preparing your residential AC system for your short leave is essential if you want to ensure things continue to run smoothly while you are gone and also upon your return. So keep reading the following points from your Bridgetown Heating & Cooling experts if you’d like to know how.

When Did You Last Change Your Air Filter?

First off, think about your air filters. When was the last time they were replaced? Air filters should be replaced every 1-2 months. So if your air filters are due to be replaced around your vacation time, make sure to swap them out for fresh ones before you leave. It would not be ideal for you to come home to a malfunctioning air conditioning unit because of clogged air filters.

Did You Clean the Area Around Your Condenser?

Next, you don’t want to forget about your outdoor unit. Your condenser is the big metal box located outside. This area should be kept clear of any vegetation or items that may obstruct it from functioning correctly. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure this area is cleared before leaving. Clear away any sticks, twigs, weeds, or plant growth from this area. It would also be a good idea to mow the grass if needed. Additionally, any items should be removed from the vicinity. The goal is to keep the area clear of anything that can get blown and caught in the condenser’s fan blades and prevent the AC unit from functioning. Naturally, you want to be able to come home from your vacation to a house with a working AC system.

Do You Use a Surge Protector To Protect Your HVAC System?

The use of surge protectors is often underestimated. But you never know when a big storm will pass through and cause issues for your AC . Using a surge protector can provide you with the peace of mind that your home and HVAC system are protected if this were to happen. If you don’t already have a surge protector installed, you should consider doing so before your vacation. Our NATE-certified technicians actually recommend using a surge protector year-round. It’s a win-win situation as your home gets protected and you gain peace of mind.

Have You Raised the Temperature On the Thermostat?

Last, of all, plan to raise the temperature on your thermostat right before you leave the house. Completely shutting off your AC system for the duration of your absence is highly discouraged. Doing so will raise the humidity levels in your home, resulting in dead houseplants, negative IAQ, mold, and mildew growth. Instead, plan to set your temperature at 80 degrees or higher. This will cut down on energy costs and keep your home’s air quality at a healthy level. Are you worried about it being hot in your house when you arrive back home? No worries! If you have a smart thermostat in your home, you can set the temperature back to a normal level a few hours before your arrival. That way, when you return, the temperature will be back at a comfortable level.
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