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If your furnace’s pilot light has gone out, you’ve come to the right place! A blown-out pilot light is not all that unusual and, unfortunately, happens every now and again. You probably first noticed that it had been blown out due to no heat coming out of your vents. If your HVAC system has been blowing cool air instead of warm air, typically, an extinguished pilot light is the culprit behind it. Your furnace utilizes the pilot light and burner components to spark the heating process. Although pilot lights were once the standard for most gas furnaces, more recent furnace models don’t require pilot lights anymore. Nonetheless, if you need simple instructions so you may know how to relight your pilot light, keep reading these tips and tricks from Bridgetown Heating & Cooling.  


  • INSPECT THE SIDE OF YOUR FURNACE FOR INSTRUCTIONS FROM THE MANUFACTURER – Generally, each furnace should have instructions labeled on the side of the heating unit. If you can’t locate and view them easily, it’s always best to refer to directions straight from the manufacturer when possible. However, if your furnace is located in a tight or dark space where it is not easily readable, continue reading the steps below for some general directions.  
  • BE SURE YOU HAVE A LONG ENOUGH LIGHTER ON HAND – You will need a long enough lighter on hand to reach your pilot light. It’s important to refrain from keeping your hands away from the open flame as much as possible. This is for safety reasons for you, your home, and your family. So, before you start the whole process, make sure the lighter you have in your hand is sufficient to reach the pilot light.  
  • REMOVE THE BURNER COVER – Most furnace models should have a burner cover which is the metal faceplate that covers and protects the pilot light opening. If your furnace has a burner cover, you must remove this to view and access the pilot light properly.  
  • TURN THE GAS SUPPLY OFF – Find the gas supply valve and turn it off. This, of course, is recommended for safety reasons. 
  • TURN THE POWER SWITCH OFF – Before you do anything else, turn the furnace off as well. Most furnaces have power switches that are located at the base of the unit. 
  • WAIT FOR A MINIMUM OF FIVE MINUTES – Right after turning off your furnace and gas supply, you must wait at least five minutes before proceeding to the following steps. This is crucial because the gas from your furnace needs sufficient enough time to dissipate. Make sure you do not skip this step. Otherwise, this could be detrimental to your safety and potentially cause damage to your home.  
  • FIND THE PILOT LIGHT ASSEMBLY – Now it’s time to locate the pilot light assembly. This is typically a little knob that turns. It should say “pilot,” “reset,” or “on/off.” Wording may vary depending on your furnace model. 
  • RELIGHT THE PILOT LIGHT – After five minutes have passed, turn the knob to the “pilot” setting. This allows the gas to flow back to the pilot light, setting everything up for the relighting process. Next, press and hold the “reset” button. Now, while still keeping the “reset” pushed down, simultaneously bring your ignited lighter slowly close to the opening of the pilot light. Be sure to move with caution. Once you get close enough, the flame should spark. When it does, you can release the “reset” button. At this point, your pilot light should stay lit.  
  • WATCH THE FURNACE – Now that the pilot light is relit and you have let go of the “reset” button, give your furnace time to really fire back up, ensuring the pilot light continues to stay aglow. It may take several minutes for you to notice warm air emitted from your system’s vents.  
  • TURN THE GAS SUPPLY BACK ON – Make sure this is turned back on after confirming your pilot remains lit and everything is functioning again. 
  • REATTACH THE BURNER COVER – Don’t forget to place the burner cover back on!  

Voila! You have successfully learned how to relight your own pilot light. Congratulations! Suppose you could not relight the pilot light successfully, or perhaps it won’t stay lit after reigniting it and releasing the “reset” button. In that case, there may be an underlying system-related issue at hand. If this is the case, it would be best to call a licensed professional such as Bridgetown Heating & Cooling. We would be more than happy to send one of our highly trained, NATE-certified technicians to your home.   

Remember, we are here for you no matter what. So, maybe you’re not feeling comfortable attempting to relight the pilot light on your own, or you have any other HVAC-related concerns – whatever the case, Bridgetown Heating & Cooling is here for you. Feel free to contact us at (513) 273-1335, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here!