This April Fool’s Day, our focus is on clarifying HVAC myths to provide accurate information for our valued customers. Since we are not in the business of fooling anyone, it’s important in the HVAC industry to discern fact from fiction. Please join us in uncovering truths, exploring best practices, and dispelling HVAC myths this April Fools’ Day at Bridgetown Heating & Cooling.    

Myth One – Changing Your Air Filters Regularly Won’t Really Make a Difference   

If you are familiar with our services, you are aware that this statement is inaccurate. Air filters play a crucial role in every HVAC system and must be replaced consistently, typically every 1-2 months. Neglecting air filter changes can result in various complications, including reduced airflow, higher energy costs, and potential system malfunctions. Failure to replace air filters is akin to skipping oil changes for your vehicle, seemingly insignificant yet capable of causing long-term repercussions. 

Counter this Myth: Set reminders to ensure timely air filter changes. Also, it’s not a bad idea to consider investing in premium air filters to enhance indoor air quality and safeguard your HVAC system against dust and debris accumulation.   

Myth Two – Lower or raise the thermostat to make your system work faster

This misconception is a prevalent one. However, adjusting your thermostat to a notably higher temperature will not expedite warming your house. This is because most HVAC systems typically circulate air at a consistent rate, regardless of the set temperature. So, increasing or reducing the thermostat setting in hopes of accelerating your HVAC system won’t make a difference. In fact, doing this only results in wasted energy by letting your home reach a temperature you do not need.

Counter this Myth: For enhanced efficiency and comfort, it is recommended to set the thermostat to your preferred temperature and allow the system to gradually reach it. Additionally, installing a programmable thermostat can offer automatic temperature adjustments based on your schedule, delivering convenience and energy efficiency benefits. 

Myth Three – Proper Thermostat Placement Won’t Matter 

This represents another misconception in the realm of HVAC. The positioning of your thermostat undeniably plays a vital role in the precision and effectiveness of your HVAC system. If it is situated near heat sources, direct sunlight, or drafts, inaccurate readings and inconsistent temperatures across your home may occur, causing the system to distribute air at an improper pace. 

Counter this Myth: Make sure the thermostat is positioned in a central location on an interior wall, away from direct heat sources or drafts. If needed, seek advice from your HVAC technician for optimal placement based on your system and home layout.  

Myth Four- Annual Preventative Maintenance Won’t Be Beneficial 

This final point is quite contrary to the truth. It is inaccurate since preventive maintenance is fundamental for the durability and effectiveness of your HVAC system. Routine maintenance inspections can avert unforeseen breakdowns, enhance performance, and even prolong the lifespan of your system. Consider it akin to a health assessment for your HVAC system, as early issue detection can shield you from expensive repairs in the future. Plus, when you stay up to date with your preventative maintenance checkups, your warranty from the manufacturer will remain valid. 

Counter this Myth: Arrange annual service appointments with a licensed HVAC company. Typically, it is advisable to schedule a seasonal checkup for your AC in the spring or early summer and another for your furnace in the fall. These inspections involve cleaning components, examining for wear and tear, and verifying the system’s efficiency. This proactive strategy can result in substantial cost savings over time and guarantee that your system is prepared for each season.


While HVAC myths may appear innocuous, they have the potential to result in costly errors and harm to your HVAC system. By grasping the realities and adhering to industry best practices, you can safeguard the longevity, efficiency, and comfort of your HVAC system. Do not be misled by common misconceptions; instead, rely on the expertise of your local NATE-certified technicians from Bridgetown Heating & Cooling to keep well informed regarding your HVAC system and its requirements. If you are interested in learning more about the best practices and HVAC care tips, don’t hesitate to check out our other information blogs!

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