Dehumidifiers in Bridgetown


Dehumidifiers in Bridgetown, Ohio

If you’d like to hear more about our dehumidifiers or to see what sort of special offers we have available for residential dehumidifiers or any other Indoor Air Quality product or heating, air conditioning and ventilation product, give your local air care specialists here at Bridgetown Heating & Cooling a call today. We look forward to hearing from you and serving you with all your residential comfort and air quality needs. We are open 365 days a year and we guarantee customer satisfaction 100%. During the winter, the warm air from the dehumidifier can be advantageous because of the cold temperatures. However, this warm air can increase the temperature in your home during summer so our air care experts offer several recommendations to properly ventilate your dehumidifier once we’ve installed it.

Dehumidifiers in Bridgetown
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Bridgetown, Ohio Dehumidifiers

We are the Greater Cincinnati Ohio area’s dehumidifier experts. Your humidity control experts here at Bridgetown Heating & Cooling offer the best price rates in the Cincinnati region (with no hidden fees) on residential dehumidifier installation. As always when it comes to any of our services, our dehumidifier services come with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Dehumidifiers offer homeowners great solutions for dealing with high humidity levels, which are a problem usually during the summer. Generally, dehumidifiers work by absorbing the humidity in the air in your home. It pulls the air into the system and sends it through an evaporator coil and condenser to extract the moisture.


4 Dehumidifier Installation Benefits


When your home is too humid, your A/C unit is forced to work a lot harder to remove in addition to providing the crisp, cool air you depend on. This can increase home cooling costs more than normal. It also causes the A/C unit to wear out and develop problems sooner or later. This means you’ll eventually need to make repairs and even replace the unit sooner than if you’d have used a dehumidifier.


As we’ve discussed already, dehumidifiers help reduce energy consumption and help keep the home cool during the summer with optimal comfort levels. Because dehumidifiers help your A/C unit run more efficiently, they also make the system last longer and run better. Optimal performance and efficiency mean less repair work down the road from excess strain. Furthermore, the foods you have in the home (like bread, cereals, baked goods, and other dry products) will not go stale as soon as they would in a more humid environment. In some cases, they prevent rust or corrosion on things like computer equipment, electronics and tools.


Managing home humidity improves indoor air quality. Additionally, dehumidifiers help reduce allergens, dust, pet dander, pollen, and prevent mold and mildew from forming. Dehumidifiers also reduce odors in the home that can accompany mildew, mold and other stuff that thrives in moist air. If you have a “musty” or “rotting” smell in your home that’s pungent, humidity control is an effective solution.


Using a dehumidifier will not disrupt your daily life like other home systems. These devices run quietly and efficiently in your home without you noticing them or hearing them directly. You will, however, notice a more comfortable feeling in your air that will improve any breathing conditions in a short period of time. Dehumidifiers are ideal for people with respiratory problems, in fact. They are recommended. Dehumidifiers permit you to breathe better, sleep better and feel more comfortable in your home throughout the most humid times of the year.


What is a Dehumidifier?

Dehumidifiers remove humidity from the air in a home or building. This is helpful during the summer for health and comfort reasons. Additionally, dehumidifiers help eliminate musty odors in the home or building in addition to preventing mold growth and mildew by extracting moisture from the air. Experts agree that managing home humidity levels promotes optimal health and well-being while also enhancing comfort. During the summer, this helps the A/C unit function at its best. In order to remove humidity, dehumidifiers remove moisture and water from your air supply. It does this while the air is passing through the system in one of two ways. The two main types of dehumidifiers are condensated dehumidifiers and desiccant dehumidifiers. Condensate dehumidifiers use refrigerants to remove the moisture, which it collects as water. However, desiccant dehumidifiers bond moisture with hydrophilic materials like silica gel to extract it from the air when it’s passing through. Some people refer to desiccant dehumidifiers as absorption dehumidifiers.

Today, the absolute best dehumidifiers you’ll find on the market, or the highest-rated dehumidifiers, are made by Aprilaire. We offer a wide range of Aprilaire products. These dehumidifiers are recognized by ENERGY STAR. They were rated Most Efficient Dehumidifier for 2021. We at Bridgetown Heating & Cooling have special offers and online deals and discounts on our line of dehumidifiers by Aprilaire, including their 1800 series, 100 series and crawlspace dehumidifier.

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Do I need a dehumidifier for my home? Dehumidifiers remove moisture or humidity from the air in a home or building, which prevents mold, bacteria and dust mites from growing. Dehumidifiers can be used in your home, garage or office or basement to keep the air dry and under 50%. It is important to have a dehumidifier in your home during the summer because it prevents mold growth which can lead to respiratory problems. It’s also helpful for your central cooling system.

When should I begin the use of a dehumidifier? The ideal time to start using a dehumidifier in the home is when the days begin warming up and you start to feel or notice a rise in humidity. If a room feels damp, and/or smells musty, using a dehumidifier can help to restore the room to an ideal relative humidity level. If the walls feel damp or have moldy patches, a dehumidifier should be used often to restore relative humidity below 50%. Anytime the humidity goes above 50%, we suggest using a dehumidifier.

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Dehumidifier FAQ

Are there dehumidifiers for a whole house?

In order for a dehumidifier to work properly for a whole house, it needs to be a whole-home dehumidifier sized for your specific space. It also must be installed by an HVAC expert or an air care expert. At Bridgetown Heating & Cooling we sell and install dehumidifiers that are able to work for large homes and we have smaller homes and offices. Our dehumidification experts can explain a wide range of options and special discounts we offer.

For how long does a whole-house dehumidifier operate?

If maintained properly by an expert like Bridgetown Heating & Cooling, most whole-home dehumidifiers are good for 5 to 10 years on average. They last longer when they are used according to manufacturer recommendations. To maintain your dehumidifier properly and get the maximum service life possible, you should replace the unit’s air filters regularly. You also need to clean the condensing coils and exhaust grilles and follow any other suggestions you were given when you purchased it. Dehumidifiers are simple devices that effectively reduce the moisture content of any atmosphere it is placed in. For more information on dehumidification systems, call Bridgetown Heating & Cooling today!

How big does my dehumidifier need to be?

If you are using one unit for your home, as we noted above, you need a whole-house dehumidifier. Otherwise, a dehumidifier’s usage capacity is rated by the amount of moisture it removes during a 24-hour period. Therefore, a 35-pint humidifier is rated to remove 35 pints of moisture or water in a day. You can use a 30-pint dehumidifier (or a dehumidifier between 24- and 39-pint capacity) for rooms that are especially damp and between 500 and 1,500 square feet in size. If you have questions about what size of a dehumidifier you need for your home, our experts at Bridgetown Heating & Cooling can help you find the perfect unit for your home at the best price.

What are the benefits of using a dehumidifier?

Dehumidifiers help homeowners enjoy cleaner air, more optimal comfort levels and lower air conditioning costs. When a home or building has the ideal levels of humidity, it becomes less prone to developing mold and mildew. Because the use of a dehumidifier helps your home cooling equipment function and last longer, you’ll also enjoy lower cooling costs. Additionally, dehumidifiers also prevent condensation in the home while improving the overall health and comfort of everyone living there. The benefits generally outweigh the cost of installing a dehumidifier and in some cases, this product can pay for itself.
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