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Although the human nose acts as an air filter for airborne microbes, pollen, viruses and other foreign particles, it doesn’t always work the best when the air is dry in our home. Because of this and other health-related issues, experts say humidity control is essential in the home, especially here in Ohio during the winter when humidity levels plummet below the levels we need to maintain for optimal air quality, comfort and health.

When humidity levels drop 35 % in a dwelling, it’s a problem. When the air is this dry, as often is the case here in Ohio, a whole-home humidifier can help tremendously to limit respiratory infections, allergy problems and asthma symptoms

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humidifier can also keep static from becoming a problem and stop dry air damage to possessions, woodwork, trim and electrics. whole-home dehumidifier can also guard your home against mold and mildew while enhancing comfort and keeping home heating costs in check. Because keeping humidity levels above 35 % in homes is so essential, your humidity control specialists here at Bridgetown Heating & Cooling have easy and affordable solutions to help homeowners here in the Greater Cincinnati area who are looking for whole-house humidification. Without an effective humidifier in your Bridgetown Ohio area home, the extra air wintertime air can cause damage to the house itself and wreak havoc on your health. Dry air also makes the home harder to heat for your furnace or heat pump because dry air is harder to heat. The moisture in the air when humidity levels are optimal holds heat better and makes the house feel more comfortable.


4 Major Benefits of Installing a Humidifier

Lessens the Likelihood of Illness

While our noses are essentially air filters that filter out bacteria, viruses and other foreign particles from entering our lungs, they are not nearly as effective when the air is dry, which is at its driest during the wintertime. Furthermore, viruses and bacteria travel better and farther in dry conditions. Because of this, installing a humidifier for use during the winter months goes a long way to help prevent illness


During the winter months in Ohio, the more humidity in the air in a home or office building, the easier it is for the furnace or heater to heat the place. Experts say moist air holds heat better than dry air. By adding moisture to the air in your home, you save on your home heating costs because optimal comfort levels are easier to maintain.


Because arid air conditions affect vocal cords, it can leave a person with a dry, scratchy throat in the morning that feels irritated. Keeping the air moist and maintaining optimal humidity levels during the winter helps provide relief, especially during the night when you sleep.


Have you ever got up during the night or in the morning during the winter and felt your nose was dry and stiff? It’s common during the winter for the arid air conditions to dry out your sinuses and lower your immune system’s ability to fight off airborne microbes and other bacteria. Optimal humidity during the winter also offers sinus relief.

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What is a Humidifier?

If you own a home or building in Bridgetown or anywhere in the Greater Hamilton County Ohio area, you should have observed how dry the air gets indoors when winter is in full swing. Because the air is so dry, it can cause health-related complications in addition to damaging the house itself as well as some of the contents. If your air is too dry during the winter or if it seems like your heater has to run constantly to keep the place warm, the use of a whole-home humidifier will go a long way to help. Your local humidification specialists here at Bridgetown Heating & Cooling offer the absolute best price rates in the local market on humidifiers with expert installation on the industry’s best whole-home humidifiers. Humidifiers add humidity to the air in a home or commercial building when it needs it most. You can find humidifiers for single rooms or you can find systems that serve the whole house or building. Whole-house humidifiers are installed into your furnace or air handler to blow humidified air into the ductwork where it is evenly distributed throughout the home. 

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Additional Humidifier Benefits

Reduce the risk of illness with faster illness recovery time

Viruses and bacteria aren’t able to spread as easily and abundantly in moist environments, some experts say, compared to dryer environments. Because of this, homeowners using humidifiers aren’t as likely to get sick from a random bug during the cold and flu season. Moreover, dry air can cause all sorts of health-related issues. If you do end up getting up with the flu, a cold, a respiratory infection or a sinus infection, using a humidifier is a great way to decrease the amount of time it takes you to recover and facilitate faster healing. This is possible because the added moisture in the air helps those who are sick bounce back faster. It helps prevent nasal passages from sustaining further irritation and makes your throat moist.

Reduces home heating bills and prevents sore throats

Throughout the cold months of winter here in the Miami Valley area, the more moisture in the air, the warmer it feels in the home. This is because proper moisture in the air makes the air feel warmer. With proper humidity levels in your home during the winter, you save on home heating bills. In addition to your budget, your throat will benefit as well. Because overly dry air affects your vocal cords, it can leave you with a dry, scratchy throat in the morning. Keeping the air moist and maintaining humidity levels during the winter helps provide relief to your vocal cords, especially while you sleep.

General Humidifer FAQ

What’s the ideal humidity level for a home?

The ideal level of humidity in a dwelling is essential for overall home comfort. It is also just as essential for your health. If your humidity levels are too high, you might experience problems with rotting wood, allergies and mold. However, if your humidity levels are low, you can experience dry skin and issues with static electricity inside the home. A humidity level that is between 35 and 50 percent is the ideal indoor humidity in winter. If the humidity drops below 35%, as it often does during the wintertime, it increases the chances of catching a cold or getting the flu. Low levels are often the cause of health issues and uncomfortable respiratory issues.

How often do humidifiers require maintenance?

Single-room humidifiers require a lot of maintenance and frequent attention. They need to be cleaned regularly and their water tanks need to be refilled constantly as it puts all that out into the air. Whole-house humidification systems or whole-home humidifiers don’t need any maintenance or attention because they are connected to your waterline as well as your HVAC systems. If you’re interested in a humidifier that’s essentially maintenance-free and highly effective with a wide range of benefits, you should consider the offer we at Bridgetown Heating & Cooling have available for a limited time. 

How do you know if you need a humidifier?

Chances are if you live in Ohio and you don’t have a humidifier, you could definitely use one. During the wintertime, homes become extremely dry and this can cause the skin and scalp to try out, make you feel like you have a cold from November to March and trigger breathing problems like asthma. If you’re using your furnace constantly, it’s because dry air doesn’t hold heat well so your furnace has to work harder to provide comfort. Additionally, your wood floors, furniture and woodwork could be drying out. The bottom line is humidifiers equal healthier breathing and bring optimal comfort with lower home heating costs.

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